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    HDR crashes lightroom


      I'm using using LR6.1, Windows 7-64, and 16Gb ram.


      I tried to create a 7-shot HDR using raw files from a Nikon d800e. Yes, these are large files, about 40Mb each.


      LR consumed all memory - I watched it with resource manager - and then hung the machine. I had to do a cold reboot and then Windows ran chkdsk on reboot.


      I know these are big files but perhaps LR should simply refuse to tackle such a large job.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          It could be you don't have enough memory.


          However, if the entire computer crashes, there could be other hardware causes, such as a fan malfunction that causes the CPU to overheat. Another possible cause is malfunctioning memory chips.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It has been noted by Adobe employees that you will probably get your best HDR results from using just two images. Try that, and see if the computer handles it properly.

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              JamesGaston Level 1

              Thanks for the feedback. I'll certainly use fewer images in future, certainly seven is extreme. But I might also say Photomatix handles the same number of files with grace so for now I'm back to Photomatix.


              - James

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                I thought I had the same problem. I have a middle of the pack computer and was trying to merge 5 shots. It did not seem to work and seemed to freeze the computer. Then on another try I was called away and came back 20 minutes later and found the shots merged. I suppose with more memory or a more powerful processor it would take a minute But I learned it wasn't the software. So my advice is try again and go wash the dishes and see what happens.