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    Export is supported as a parallel operation, but sometimes will hard-hang windows 7 if multiples are started at once. Requires a forced shuddown to clear, and leaves corrupt files on destination. Anyone else seen this. Replicated several times.


      Exporting .jpg, and .orf files to .jpg, along with some .mov, and .mpg4. Coming from multiple Lightroom directories to multiple directories for export. Over 50 GB total to over 10 destination directories. Running a reasonably new Windows 7 desktop that is up-to-date. Repeatedly fails if several Exports are started at one time with Windows freezing, no blue or black screen of death, just a full freeze (no mouse, no working reset). Power-down down and restart works OK, but in-flight transfers leave corrupted files on destination (not surprising).


      It is possible to start up to 13 parallel Exports, but the hang will happen with as few as 3 running, and maybe only 2. Lightroom source is a pair of 4TB disks mirrored in Windows (not disk controller). Target is an SSD drive (running as C drive). Single Exports work fine.


      Looks like a concurrency bug of some kind, maybe in the conversion software to .JPG e.g. the Olympus conversion in Camera Raw, or DNG or TIFF photo formats. Multiple copies using Windows never shows this kind of hard hang on multiple concurrent transfers, nor do other multi-tasked Lightroom operations.


      Anyone else seen this problem? Has Adobe recorded this as a known bug?


      Running current CC Lightroom.



      Mark Johnson