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    Why can't I save a gradient to library panel or in a group in swatch panel

    melissapiccone Adobe Community Professional

      Hey Adobe - why can't I save a gradient swatch to the library panel? It would be helpful... I can save a bunch of other stuff to the library that isn't necessarily available in every other app. I'm trying to teach this stuff to beginners and show them how cool and easy it is to use - and look - you can have this awesome library to keep all of your stuff and share it - oh, except if you go through the trouble of the making gradients... now I have to go and teach you the old way to do it... really???


      I'm organizing my swatches in an InDesign document, why can't I add a gradient to a group in the swatches panel?? That's weird - I just want them all together. Again - so my newbies can be organized and it's EASY for them. I guess this why I have a job... if you guys make it too easy I'll be unemployed . Quirky... what am I missing?