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    Does automated Lightroom Photo Merge for multiple same-settings merges exist?


      An HDR panorama requires several HDR Photo Merges, followed by a Panorama Photo Merge. It is also common to use exposure bracketing for a sequence of similar, but not identical shots. Processing these in Lightroom is tedious, requiring waiting for the preview to complete for each set of HDR images. Once the "Merge" is chosen, the Merge itself runs more quickly (on my system at least) than the preview prep. For a large set of images, this is tedious, and the preview is un-helpful, since every time, the "Merge" option is taken with the same settings. Adding the option to use the same HDR (or panorama) options as the previous time with a "No Preview" setting would improve workflow, especially if they were launched as parallel tasks.


      Does such a feature exist? If so, how is it accessed? If not, could it be considered? At least for Panoramas, PTGui and Hugin both allow all images to be submitted, with the software organizing the HDR exposures into sets, then generating the panorama from the sets. However, HDR's can be routine, especially with strong contrast subjects, with many sets of 3 or 5 shots needing to be combined into sort of a "super" raw master. A recent roadtrip left me with 100's of HDR capable shots.



      Mark Johnson