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    What is the limit of photos I can sync in Lightroom to Lightroom Mobile on iPad?

    BlueCosmo5050 Level 1

      So I can access all of my photos I use DropBox. It works great, but there isn't anyway to give certain photos 5 stars, or highlight them to be in different categories, etc.


      I imagine LightRoom mobile won't let me sync all of my photos, so I was thinking maybe I could just create a smart collection in my portfolio that would create large sized previews of my best photos. Then I can know they are always on my iPad or iPhone without digging through DropBox. It is easier to show them to people that way.


      How many can I sync? I read that it didn't count against the 20GB cloud storage I get with Adobe Cloud. Would it be possible to sync up to 5 different categories in a portfolio with about 30 photos each?