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    Font Problem

      I found the Font problem with Chinese Font. The code works fine with western font, but doesn't work with Chinese Font. Any Help? Please!

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          Marghoob Suleman Level 1
          code is working on my system... what is not working by the way?
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            Guocheng Level 1
            Thanks for the reply.

            Sorry, I didn't make it clear.

            The problem is :
            no matter what Font you set to the TextFormat ("宋体",“隶书”,"楷书" or whatever), the look of the text does not change at all.

            But if it is the western font ("Arial", "Courier","Times New Roman" or others), it works fine. You set different font to TextFormat, the TextField has different look.

            Sorry for my english, I hope I have put it clear.

            Thanks for help!
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              Marghoob Suleman Level 1
              there is no parameter for new TextFormat(). you can only set the properties with it.

              var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
              my_fmt.bold = true;

              >>var deg_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat("宋体",12,0x0);
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                ggshow Level 2
                Marghoob Sulemaan:
                TextFormat do have parameters:
                TextFormat([font:String], [size:Number], [color:Number], [bold:Boolean], [italic:Boolean], [underline:Boolean], [url:String], [target:String], [align:String], [leftMargin:Number], [rightMargin:Number], [indent:Number], [leading:Number])

                u cant see much different for chinese word with small size, after antialias.
                try the script below, you can see the different

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                  ggshow Level 2
                  if you are using 隶书 or 楷书 etc font, you'll need to embed it to your movie
                  my_txt.embedFonts = true;

                  do remember that embeding the font will increase your movie filesize
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                    Marghoob Suleman Level 1
                    Okay my mistake :-)
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                      Guocheng Level 1
                      Thank you guys.

                      Your replies really helped. I will figure out how to embed the font into my movie later by myself.

                      Thank you very much.