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    SWF File works fine, but .MOV is stretched?

    ACR1000 Level 1

      Hi everyone, this is my first post in the Flash forums, and i'm hoping this will be quite an easy fix for an experienced user!


      Basically, I'm creating an advertisement for a client and they require the file to be exported as a .MOV. This has always been fine for me in the past, however this time my .MOV has come out stretched.


      I've tried exporting as an SWF, and the file looks perfect, but as I said the .MOV appears stretched in comparison.


      I've checked the dimensions of the document and of the quicktime movie export settings and they line up exactly the same.


      I've also tried creating a new document and trying again, which didn't work.


      If anyone has any idea how to stop my .MOV file stretching that'd be amazing! I've never had this issue before and the deadline for my project is fairly imminent!


      I can't upload any documents or screenshots of the advertisement itself under my client's instructions, but any questions regarding any settings I'd be happy to answer.