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    Expandable Banner


      Hey guys!


      I'm looking at making an expandable banner in Edge and have a question. I have my stage set up with two keyframes labelled the different dimensions (first label: 320x50, second label: 320x480). I've got it working so that the banner expands from the 320x50 to the 320x480 but have ran into an issue.


      I need the banner to expand from the bottom up but in Edge it only expands from the top down. Is there a way of changing this so that the 320x50 begins at the bottom and then it extends upwards to the 320x480?


      I messed around a bit with the centre stage option and this pushed the 320x50 downwards but when it expands it doesn't really give me the effect I need. It expands both up and down as opposed to just upwards.


      Any help is much appreciated!