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    Fill and move forms wont work in Windows 10

    Hasse.Hellstrom Level 1

      About three weeks after upgrading to Windows 10, InDesign started to freeze when trying to fill or move a form, like a rectangle or a circle. Only way to fill a form without the freeze is to create a new color swatch.

      ave completely uninstalled the entire CC suite, including painstakingly removed all register keys and every file, hidden, system or other. Then reinstalled CC and the problem is still there.


      Using a fairly new Dell Optiplex 9020 i7 with a Nvidia 960, 32 GB RAM and I upgraded from Win 8.1.

      I had the exact same problem at home, though it came directly after the upgrade. I had to reinstall WIndows 10 from scratch and everything else and now InDesign actually works. Different hardware, the three similarities are Intel i7, Wacom Intous and Nvidia graphics.


      I googled this problem several times, though I couldn't find any solution or even others with a similar problem. Guess I need to start over and install WIndows 10 from scratch...

      Grateful for any useful magic tricks. Not happy about reinstalling everything. Again.


      Kind regards,


      Hasse Hellstrom

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