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    All preset safe?


      I want to add preset with lightroom, is this safe for adding preset from anywhere?

      Its harm for my computer ? or anything?




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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi samantham15849218,



          If you are sure that the presets are form a verified/legit developer then i believe there is no harm in using them in your LR

          Also make sure that they are compatible with the version of LR you are using.




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            Lr5user-pt Level 2

            Presets are just an easy way to apply the different adjustments in LR, just sets of instructions, what you could also do by moving the various sliders in the user interface. There is nothing a preset can do that you could not replicate manually. So, with that said, no, there is no possible harm to your photos or computer from installing or using presets.