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    bugs when exported to air, ideas to monetize?

    VooDoo Chicken Level 1

      There is a Flash project which I have been working the last year. In current state, it runs fine in Flash player, but it displays bugs when running in Air. It was intended as a touchscreen game. In case I don't find a work around the bugs (movie clips don't 'goAndStop' in requested frame, or display the content of many unrelated frames at the same time, even if none of these frames is the one requested, which look more like a memory leak), any ideas to monetize a game that was intended for mobile touchscreens, but can not be converted to mobile touchscreen format, and not throw away the work of a whole year?



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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think you should fix the app. Have you done debug test over USB, to see what errors it's getting?

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            VooDoo Chicken Level 1

            yes, the first thing would be to look for a workaround, but unfortunately I can not fix the Air player. I have found no bugs in my program, and the same code (the same project) runs fine on Flash, meaning that if there is no ambiguity at least one parser is understanding it and running it correctly. So, in case I don't find a workaround, any ideas on how to monetize it?


            edit, update: I was checking another project that I though was running fine in Air, but it also has some problems. A guess, that if correct may add around two or three months of development (but better than throw away a whole year or more), suggests that the difference may be in the precision of some numerical functions; for example, in calculating a frame with arc-tan. This means I have to review the whole code again and for example, replace arctangs with some binary search trees and pre-calculated arctangs, or things like that, yet without guarantee that this will fix the problem. Adobe should release specific technicall data about the differences between air and flash, since it has released none. Sine the runtimes are not equal, they should advertise the differences, instead of just saying that air is a superset of flash