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    "Error: Cached Preview needs 2 or more frames to playback"


      I've just purchased CC and started using After Effects to add text to a Premiere Pro project that I completed last night. I keep getting the error above when I try to preview by pressing the space bar.


      I've tried importing the project. I've tried exporting the project as media and importing that. I've tried using Import in the menu bar, dragging and dropping... I've tried different formats, tried different media files, no dice. I'm running a 2015 Mac Pro (quad core, 12GB RAM), which I assume is powerful enough. I am not running any other software at the same time, and have tried rebooting, resetting the cache, etc.


      Have searched and there are so many threads and no answers. Am I going to have to give up on After Effects, or am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks - if I had hair left, I'd be tearing it out.