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    Indesign 2015 will not save files to network


      Let me start by saying that NONE of these issues occur when I use Indesign 2014 on the same machine.

      I just reinstalled ID 2015 from the cloud, started a test document, went to save it on my server, and was given the error "Cannot save  "Untitled-1" under a new name. The file "DBTmp7719-557596781" is damaged (Error code: 0)." Regardless of what I name the file, I get this error.

      This is a fresh install on a 2014 iMac running OS X 10.10.4 - 16 GB - 3.4 Ghz Core i5. There are 3D designers in my firm that are all on PCs and are having no issues at all. There is also another Mac (same specs as mine) in the marketing department that is having the exact same issues.

      We cannot save or open any files from the network. We are able to perform these actions if saving local. That last statement results in an immediate "Sorry, can't help you." from Adobe. It's not my server, because everything works perfectly with InDesign 2014, Illustrator 2014 & 2015, and PS 2014 & 2015.

      I would have thought that by now the bugs would have been worked out of ID 2015.

      Thank you for any help.




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          Any update on this? We are having the exact same issue with one of our uses when saving to ID 2015. It works with no issues in ID 2014, Illustrator 2014 and 2015, and PS 2014 and 2015.

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            JeffArdoise Level 1

            We have a similar problem, but not every time with save on the server. I've researched this and it seams that the issue was there from CS3 and is still there in CC 2015. But, if it happened 2-3 in a year before that was it. Now, it happens multiple times a day on all our machines which are all Macs running 10.10.4 or 10.10.5. We are connecting to a Synology NAS over AFP.


            I know that the "official" position from Adobe is "we don't support working on servers for adobe product" but this is insane. Every studio with more than 2 people work with a server, and having to copy back and forth files to your local computer is just impractical and error prone. I don't know if it's a push to get us using the Creative Cloud sync feature, but the way it works right now is not possible. No LAN sync, no selective sync of your own files are two major omission that we can't overlook at this point.