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    actionscripting issue

      Hi ,
      I build a website using a J.Tarbell (from Levitated) code, one from his space serie. It is basically customized to fit my design and I use it as a background, with a slow animation. It works well when I test it in flash and on my localhost but as soon as it is uploaded on my site, none of the buttons works. Could it be an actionscript conflict beetween the codes for the background and the ones for the navigation?
      If anyone know please drop me a line, I'm quite new in flash and can be sometimes a little confuse with actionscriping...

      To see the page: http://www.clairewastiaux.com

      Below is the code used for the background ( text are now shapes attached to it) and he rest of the page is straightforward, each button call a swf movie loaded with loadMovieNum.

      What did I do wrong?

      Thx in advance!