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    The value returned from the function is not of type query

    thnguyen Level 1

      I couldn't figure out why I got this error.  I have set default var query.  Please help.  If qLocal has records then return fine, but when qLocal records is empty will throw errors.  I've set a default.


      <cffunction name="getName" access="public" returnType="query" output="false"
      hint="This method returns a query.">
        <cfargument name="id_fk" required="no" default="0">
         <cfargument name="id2_fk" required="no" default="0">
        <cfset var qQuery = "">
         <cfquery name="qLocal" datasource="#db#">
               SELECT *
               FROM tbl
               WHERE id = <cfqueryPARAM value ="#id_fk#" CFSQLType ="CF_SQL_INTEGER"> AND id2 = <cfqueryPARAM value ="#id_fk2#" CFSQLType ="CF_SQL_INTEGER">

        <cfif qLocal.recordcount>
              <cfquery name="qQuery" datasource="db">                

                SELECT *

                FROM tbl2

                WHERE tbl2id = <cfqueryPARAM value ="#qLocal.id#" CFSQLType ="CF_SQL_INTEGER">





        <cfreturn qQuery>