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    Best format for importing Illustrator map files in InDesign?

    CMYK123 Level 1

      I am a designer at a publishing company that does a lot of specialty map work. Our mapping department recently moved from Quark software to InDesign CC 2015. However, the mappers are still using Illustrator 10 to create the maps because they had issues with legacy text when opening their files in Illustrator CC 2015. In their previous Quark workflow they saved the map as an Illustrator eps to place in Quark. They have now found that placing eps in InDesign CC 2015 doesn't work. The preview is very jagged and trying to change the view to Overprint Preview causes the file to crash because InDesign has trouble reading the huge map eps.


      From what I've read, I found eps is not the best format for InDesign but I am not sure how they should save their illustrator files for placement in InDesign. The files are huge and contain many layers and vector elements. Should they save as .ai that is .pdf compatible? Or can a press quality pdf be used? Do they need to embed fonts and color profiles?