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    Loop timeline for X seconds then stop at....

    HSusenbeth Level 1


      I´m producing banners (normaly in GWD). Most sites doesn´t accept banners that loop for ever, they want the loop to stop for ex after 30 seconds. How can I accomplish this i Edge Animate?


      In Google web designer i normally set two labeles called start & stop, the i tell the script to loop for X seconds from the lable start, then stop at the lable stop, where I normally place some kind of fallback.


      Can somebody please help me.

      The script in GWD looks like:

      gwd.auto_Page1Event_1 = function(event) {

            // GWD Predefined Function

            gwd.actions.timeline.gotoAndPlay('page1', 'Start');


      //Custom part for the stop

          gwd.auto_Page1Pageload = function(event) {

            setTimeout(function() {

              gwd.actions.timeline.gotoAndPause('page1', 'Stop');

            }, 23000);