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    Refresh swf

      Is it possible to refresh swf file so it starts again just like when it's started? I ask this because I made little game, but no matter how I try, I can make Game Over screen, because Flash player then jumps to the first frame even thought I have stop(); in G.O screen and if it is not enought it shifts all my symbols and stuff maybe 300 pixels to the right, even I haven't even programmed it! And one interesting thing, it stays in G.O screen maybe second or two before it moves to frame 1. I have one interval what haves NextFrame(); in it, but I tried clear it, it still tricks with me. Very strange thingy...
      Thanks if you can help me some way
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          show your interval definition code and your clearInterval() code.
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            Tume91 Level 1
            dead variable is true when player haves 0 or under points. I just tried this little complicated way just for testing purposes. First I put clearing in last frame but it was same effect.
            I decided post also my fla file, because I think it don't have any stuff worth of stealing.
            Shootemall fla

            I will explain also how game works so it would be easier understand, First frame is title screen and last game over screen. I tried return back to title also, but same strange effect stopped it.
            First Actions layer's frame contains my interval and "pyssymies" symbol contains nearly all code what it requires for itself.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP