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    Adobe AE CS6 keeps locking up or crashing  ??


      So I been using this template for about 7 days. Been doing the Ram + Preview. Has been working flawlessly and all of sudden yesterday it would crash or lock up when trying to run it normally ? I'm baffled why it would work great and all of sudden do this. SMH


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      specs of my computer


      WINDOWS 10


      3.2 ghz 8 core AMD

      16 GB RAM




      Now a error message of something pops up in the middle but is always blacked or grayed out with no writing.  if the far left side is blacked out where the different folders are at. .I'm working on a huge project for my Madden league and really want to present to all the guys. Any and all help is welcomed.


      image1 (2).jpeg