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    InDesign won't launch because plugins require v8.1; app quits after ignoring plugins.


      I have not done any specific upgrades, and only use my full version of InDesign CS6 a couple of times a year.  When launching this week, I get a series of errors saying that XXX plugin won't load without InDesign version 8.1.  I didn't upgrade anything, nor have I ever installed a third-party plugin.


      I ran the Adobe updater, and it went through several updates for CS6 and Lightroom, but stalled at 99% for over 24 hours.  I had to kill the app.  Now, I cannot get any updates for InDesign when I run the Adobe updater.


      Photoshop CS6 launches just fine.


      This laptop is on it's last legs on windows 7, and I do not want to upgrade to CC until I get my new machine.  How can I get my fully registered and legal version of InDesign to run?