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    Can't place text in InDesign--program bug? Strange things happening.


      I have been working on a document in InDesign and suddenly it will no longer let me place text. When I try to import text using "Place" the little icon never releases and I can't get the text to the page. When I try to create a text box and paste the text into it, the text box may be the size of the page, but the "placed text" is just a little square within it that looks like the preview I see in finder. And, most maddeningly, when I try to copy an existing text box and paste my text into it, it's treating the text like rendered text--when I enlarge the text box it stretches the type rather giving me more area to paste into. I have quit and re-entered the program, re-booted my computer, and upgraded to the latest version of InDesign. I have also saved as an imdl file and reopened and it's still doing the same thing. Every work around I have tried has failed and I am about to go BONKERS. I need to finish this project and am completely stuck. Help!