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    To buy or not

      I am seriously thinking about purchasing Flex Builder 2. On Amazon there was a listing for Flex Builder 2 Retail that is $200 more than Flex Builder 2. Any idea on the price or is this something new? Is Flex worth the $499 price tag? I know it is based on what you do/want to do with it. Thanks.
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          It definitely makes life easier.

          I'd recommend, if you've got the time to evaluate, download the trial version and try out some of the demo/tutorials. If that doesn't convince you, remember that the command line compiler and framework are FREE. So, if you get hooked, you'll still be able to get your fix without spending the $$.

          The bottom line is still going to be ROI.
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            Shane McMurray Level 1
            i would say the IDE makes life much easier and is worth the price in the time it saves you with just the design view and the debugger.
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              I have mixed feelings. I have FlexBuilder at work but not at home. I actually use Dreamweaver to develop and compile my applications. If you visit CFSilence.com, you will find an article on how to configure you Dreamweaver application to compile Flex applications. I'm actually glad that I went this route because I had the "opportunity" to learn Flex using a code only view. Now that we have made the migration to Flex at work and are using FlexBuilder, I'm able to really understand how many of the tags really work in Flex.

              I agree with all of the posts above...it's all about your individual needs.
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                davidmedifit Level 1
                Does the FB2 listing on Amazon include Flex charting? That's extra (about $200)