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    How to send Subtopic Message From Server-Side to Client ?

      I’m new at flex and i have a new question about Flex Message Service.
      How to send messages from Server-Side Java Code with Subtopic?
      For example.
      I customed a Flex Message Adapter in Tomcat Server , with this Adapter , i can send message to Client with following code .

      ---------------------Send message to Client------------
      MessageBroker msgBroker = MessageBroker.getMessageBroker(null);
      String clientID = UUIDUtils.createUUID(false);
      AsyncMessage msg = new AsyncMessage();
      msg.setBody(clientID + "this is my message from server! \n");
      msgBroker.routeMessageToService(msg, null);
      ---------------------Send message to Client------------

      But i want send a message that have Subtopic to the Client , How to do ?

      Thank you for reply.