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    IT guy looking for advice on BUP for a user


      Greetings all. I did some searching in the forum but found results which may be outdated or are for backup systems out of my spec.

      I am supporting a user with a 2015 MBP, 500GB SSD. She is video editing with Premier Pro. She has multiple concurrent projects so she is out of space on her local drive. I am tasked with finding the alternative, but PP isn't my company's forte so I have no inside help.

      My thoughts are this:


      Use a 2TB Thunderbolt2 drive, save all content there in the first place and work off of that drive (is that possible? Is it fast enough? She's not doing 4k)

      Backup the TB drive and her OS drive to a 2TB USB3 hard drive, using TimeMachine


      The other alternative that's been suggested is saving things to CreativeCloud storage but I can't imagine that that's nearly fast enough.


      Thanks for your help