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    Lightroom 6 Slideshow Problems-Photos Merge/Cutoff/Skip?


      Currently running LR6 Standalone on a 2014 Macbook Pro with OS Mavericks and Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics. Just upgraded from LR4. Problem I have encountered is that in Slideshow photos merge, are cutoff with the top half of one photo and the bottom of another, or skip entirely. I am running RAW files and Preview runs fine. I have turned off "use graphics processor" per my exhaustive internet research and does not help. I have also turned off all options in the module and it does not help. I am not synching to music.


      Just trying to run a very simple little slideshow which for some reason is very difficult for this software.


      I had this same problem in the trial version w/CC and Adobe rep assured me it would not happen in the standalone (of course). Am seriously thinking of asking for a refund as I am very disappointed in this version. Even a simple program like IPhoto can make a slideshow from the photos I am using.


      Any help appreciated.