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    Open CL or Cuda ?

    Vincent Loup Level 1

      Dear Adobe, Dear Community


      I'm going to buy an AE CC and CC PP. I would like to know what this preview engine systems use better ? Open CL cards go better? (R9 290x) or more CUDA card to buy next? (GTX 970). I know NVIDIA is better with ray trace and so many other things, but i mostly will use the Premier Pro for 4k rendering with Lens distortion, cause i will edit GoPro videos. I want to no what will run better. If You have any experience, please write for me, or please offer for me better cards or tips.


      Thank You!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I suspect you ended up choosing to post in this forum in the belief it was for help with Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, it's for discussion of an output format from the Adobe RoboHelp product. The output is called FlashHelp.


          But I'm not sure if your question pertains to Adobe Flash or Premiere Pro. If you can tell me what application you are using, I'll be happy to move your post to a more appropriate venue.


          Cheers... Rick )