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    Help creating imposing script

    Lord Aethan

      Hi! I want to create a javascript to help me impose several pages from one document on a single page in a new document.

      So far I have read through a lot of the available material about javascript and Acrobat, and there are loads of answers to how to add, remove, move, extract, replace, and order pages, but none as far as I've seen that answers how to move multiple pages from one document to a single page in another. Even so, merging two A4:s to one A3 shuld be a very common task? If anyone could help me to solve this issue, it would be highly appreciated. (My end goal is more complicated, but once I know how to freely move pages in a larger page, the rest will work itself out).



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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          JavaScript does not have access to the page content. That being said, there is one way you can place a page on another page, and that is by using a button when you use the page image as button face. You would create the button in the location and with the size you want your imposed page to be, then you set the button icon via the function Field.buttonImportIcon()

          This will not be a simple project. If you think this is too much, get a dedicated imposition package. Depending on how much your time is worth, it may be cheaper to just buy a solution.