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    Choppy movement between scale keyframes on preview only (CC 2014 and 2015)

    edodds@mjp.com Level 1

      I have a comp with nothing in at all except text. I add two keyframes to have the text grow in size and when I preview it, it's incredibly choppy. This occurs even after it's completely previewed, so it's not as though it is still trying to preview the comp or anything (once it loops, it does the same jumpiness). Once it's rendered, it plays back fine. It's solely during preview. I've already wiped out my preferences for AE and upgraded from 2014 to 2015 to see if that helped, but no luck. Any thoughts? My machine has more than enough horsepower to handle just about anything I throw at it (dual Xeon 3.1 Ghz CPUs, GTX 780, 128GB of memory, SSDs for boot and scratch).