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    I am trying to add a .mov file to edit on Adobe Premier Elements 11 and get an error:


      The video came from an Iphone and creates an error every time I try to upload it.  "The importer generated a generic error."  Any recommendations?  I have not had this problem with other file types.

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          What computer operating system is involved?


          Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer along with Premiere Elements 11, and are you running the programs from a user account with administrative privileges? If Windows 10 64 bit, use QuickTime 7.7.6 QuickTime 7.7.6 for Windows and if Window 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit, then use 7.7.8

          QuickTime - Download - Apple



          Since your video was recorded with iPhone, it was probably recorded with a variable rather than constant frame rate. The typical symptoms for that are audio out of sync or not being able to import the video. The typical solution is to take your video into HandBrake   https://handbrake.fr/   to get the H.264.mp4 version with constant rather than variable frame rate and then to take the H.264.mp4 with constant frame rate into the Premiere Elements project, Add Media/Files and Folders/.


          But, let us first see the benefits of the QuickTime install if it was not already installed.


          Please consider and then let us know the results so that we can consider what next if necessary.


          Thank you.



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            Thanks for the additional information.


            With Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 64 bit computer...

            1. Make sure that you have QuickTime 7.7.8 (latest version of QuickTime 7) installed on your computer along with Premiere Elements 11. Does the video now import with latest version of QuickTime installed and you running the programs as administrator?

            if not....

            2. What are the properties of your iPhone video...I am guessing probably 1080p30 video

            a. If this is the case, then import the 1080p30 iPhone video into your project using the project preset




            DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97

            To be sure that is the project preset that will be used by the project, I want you to set that manually according to the following instructions

            • Open the project to the Expert workspace, and go to File Menu/New Project and Change Settings.
            • In Change Settings, set the project preset to the setting above in order to match the properties of the source media. OK out of there.
            • In the New Project dialog that opens, rename the project and make sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on This Project". OK out of there.
            • Back in the Expert workspace, import your source media using Add Media/ choice.

            If your iPhone video still will not import, then take the video into HandBrake to obtain the H.264.mp4 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 constant progressive frames per second version. Then take that H.264.mp4 into your project set as above for 1080p30. Does it now import without problems?


            Have you used HandBrake before? If not, I will post step by step instructions. It is a quick and easy process and free.


            I suspect that it is the variable frame rate of the iPhone video that is creating the problem. To prove that the video really does have a variable frame rate, you could take the video into the free MediaInfo video audio properties readout program and look for 3, instead of 1, frame rates listings for the file (minimum frame rate, frame rate, and maximum frame rate). Make sure you are looking at the Tree View in that program. If you do the MediaInfo download and install, be careful with your choices since MediaInfo is known to travel with unwanted baggage. A link for the MediaInfo download is



            Any questions about the questions, please do not hesitate to ask.