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    Lightroom coverting RAW B/W pictures to color


      Ok, so I shot some pictures using B/W Color presets on my Canon 70D and I'm shooting in RAW. I know that when you import RAW files and you've used color presets on your camera it will automatically switch it to a color image and dump the preset settings. Now I understand that the B/W settings in lightroom are a lot better to use but I want the original presets to not change when I import them. Is there a way to import a picture file without losing the custom preset style?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Shoot JPG.


          If you shoot raw Lightroom reads only a few of the camera settings, mainly color temperature and even then it is an interpretation and not exactly as the camera generated JPG

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            If you are shooting RAW + JPG and you have the camera set to record in B&W that only applies to the JPG image. The RAW will always be in color.


            This is also true for what you are seeing on the cameras LCD screen. It previews only the JPG or in the case of you shooting only RAW the embedded JPG preview in the RAW file.


            As said many times before RAW is RAW is RAW. Maybe if you used whatever software came with your Canon camera it might read the camera settings and "Display" the RAW in B&W. But the RAW, and the JPG for that matter, is still a color image no matter how it is displayed.