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    I moved files within Lightroom 5 from one disk to another (created new folder and dragged).  Now I see metadat warning.  What caused this?  Should I import or rewrite from catalog to fix?

    nancyb4803979 Level 1

      I'm reorganizing many photos in Lightroom 5.  Some that were on my hard drive, I moved to an external drive.  I did all of this within Lightroom.  I created a new folder on the external drive, selected all the images in the folder on the hard drive, dragged them to the new folder.  Made sure they were there.  Then deleted the folder from the hard drive.  When I looked in Windows Explorer, the folder (empty) was still on the hard drive, so I deleted it there too.  Now I'm getting the warning on the images in the new folder that the metadata was changed in both Lightroom and an external program.  The options are to import from disk or rewrite from the catalog.  I'd like to know what caused this and how to fix it.