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    Problem printing multiple pages with PrintJob

      Can I have some help please?

      I have a flash file that prints labels, this all works fine for single pages; however I would like to print multiple pages of the same movie clip (sticker_mc) which content changes when my function autoSet() is run. (autoSet() changes content of dynamic text fields of sub movie clips and also shows/hides some sub movie clip when required).

      The code below prints multiple pages as I expected (2 pages, 3 pages, 4 pages etc as required), but the dynamic text fields data stay the same for each page as it is when initial print request is called.

      The function autoSet() works perfectly (I run it manually without the print request), and when the print has completed the sticker_mc movie clip is displaying the data as it is intended.

      Sticker_mc has four sub movie clips; in my testing I sent two pages to the printer, the first page has all four sub movies visible (as intended) and the second page prints with only two sub movies visible (as intended) but the dynamic text files which should of change remains the same as the first page. However the movie clip which is displayed on the screen once the print request has completed, has the correct data in the dynamic text fields. ??????????????

      I hope this is understandable, I’ve spent a whole day playing with the code trying to sort it out and would dearly like some help before I start to cry!!!