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    Best approach to implement a content driven composition with InDesign ?

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      I'm search for the best approach to implement an automatic content driven composition with Indesign.



      My contents are XML based.



      For now, I work with InDesign (Desktop app) and a scripting solution to handle CMS search and import in predefined InDesign templates or files with known pages number.



      Tomorow, I need a solution to compose many pages on demand with an unknown pages number produced, a simple and repeatable InDesign template.



      InDesign server will be used to do this job.



      But how to use it ?



      by handling IDML files  ?

      by scripting ? an ImageCatalog.jsx based on an XML structure ...

      other solution ? maybe a plugin ?



      What's the best approach in term of performances, development charge and maintenability ?



      Any ideas, samples, ... will be appreciated