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    help! flash CC canvas/html mode, Spritesheets Image is poor quality in mobile device


      Hi All,

      I recently using flash cc to generate a canvas/html code for my mobile web app by using  FLASH CC 2015, it's working perfectly in my desktop!

      *BUT when I trying to upload on the server, and open it on my mobile safari. the animation is extremely blur in my phone.

      the fla source code like this


      It looks like the problem is happened by "Export all bitmaps as Spritesheets".

      you may preview at this url testSS, it show fine in desktop, but extremely blur in mobile,(iphone5, iphone6, I guess all the retina device...)


      when I unchecked this option. Everything is fine in mobile...the image quality is good. but the frequency is turns to 88 times.

      I dig some solutions on google. but in vain..

      suddenly, I put only 2 images in the project. And generate images the SS is still working perfectly. I guess this is a bug, Am I right?

      I like this feature because it reduce the request frequency. but it did reduce my image quality as well .






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