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    Some Export Settings not Saving (to Photoshop / windows preview)


      I am new to lightroom 4. Also using Creative Suite 5


      I want to export images for further editing in Photoshop so I figure I am supposed to export and keep in the Original format in output settings.

      I have also tried DNG with similar failed results.


      Photos from from Canon Rebel T3i, shot in raw (cr2)


      When I export in the original format:


      1.  the preview in Windows Explorer shows the original image, no brightness changes, and no rotation, nor cropping, nor color balance, etc...   I believe I am using a standard RAW preview plugin by Microsoft.  This is the the big issue, but definitely an annoyance


      Bigger issue is when I open that file in Photoshop, the crop and rotation and color balance have been applied, but the brightness has not changed.



      When I export as DNG:


      2. The Windows Preview looks correct, but again, the brightness settings are lost in Photoshop.


      I see a similar (unanswered) question here:


      Lost adjustments when exporting & importing brightness shift