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    Why is Adobe cheating good old clients?


      I have now been a client of Adobe for thirty years or so. I bought some products, and everything  was fine.  But since the times of Creatve Cloud there is the problem of a monthly decission: "To use or not to use?" (Hamlet). But great: in the German version I can choose  "Abmelden" for my account. According to Google translate it means "log of, check out,  cancel" - something like this.

      So everybody with common sense is thinking, that this will interrupt the payment for this period too.


      Not so Adobe. The happily continue to bill me without any use of their product (Dreamweaver). So, what is the sense of "Abmelden"???  And why let they pay me for something I don't use? I confess, I feel cheated .

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Rolf,


          I apologise for the frustrating experience you had.

          Please let us know your actually issue or if you have had any interaction with Adobe support and we shall help you with the best guidance.




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            Psalmos Level 1

            Hi Sheena,

            I had a chat with Adobe support  Sep 17, 2015 1:13:19 AM PST with Chaitra. The only thing she could do for me, was the cancellation of the subscription. I confirmed this, but it wasn't what I had intended. I intended to INTERRUPT the subscription. I have often to do something else and don't use the program every month.

            The basic problem is, that Adobes new billing policy of the CLOUD is neither fair nor intelligent:

            Fair: Whether I am logged in or off, I have to pay for the time of the calender - and not for the time of use. If I am logged off it doesn't change anything according to the cost for me. But logged off there is no use and so there is no cost for Adobe. So, for what have I to pay? Have I to pay for the fact, that I didn't cancel
            subscription instead of logging off and next month renew subscription and next month cancel it again ... is this, what Adobe wants me to do? Install, uninstall, re install...?

            Intelligent: there is
            truly a result of logging off: I may log in with another computer.

            But this opens the possibility for a somewhat different use. I may share the account of the
            subscription with - let's say : 10 - other users, who too don't need it all the time. We all stay logged off in general and make some kind of list, how we share the log in time each month. In this case Adobe has 10 users and one monthly subscription .. cheap use indeed.

            Adobe should allow the interruption of a subscription for a certain time by the user. If they do it monthly it would solve both problems.

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Rolf I am getting your issue addressed.

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                Pattie-F Level 7

                To clarify:


                Signing out of Creative Cloud does not cancel or suspend a membership, but rather frees up an activation for another computer.

                Sign in and sign out of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app


                If you have a monthly membership for a plan such as the single app plan or the complete/all app plan (different from an annual plan that is charged monthly),then you can cancel the plan if you don't plan to use it for a month or longer, and then subscribe again for a month or longer when you need it. You can do this with the monthly plan, but not the annual plan since that has a year long commitment.

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                  Psalmos Level 1

                  Dear Pattie-F,


                  I am not completely sure, if you where able to read and understand, what I wrote to Sheena Kaul. Perhaps try again.


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