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    Indesign CS6 has stopped working on Windows 10?


      My system was upgraded from Win7 to Win10 over a month ago. I'm using CS6 Design Standard.
      Everything has been working fine until today. During the start up process I receive the following message...Msg_on_opening.jpg

      Photoshop and Illustrator are still working without any issues.


      I have tried all the compatibility options.

      I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Suite - 3 times without success.


      The final Windows Troubleshooting option gave me the following message...



      I can't find any information regarding this problem on Adobe or Microsoft forums.

      Why is it suddenly incompatible after several weeks without any issues?
      Why are Photoshop and Illustrator still working?

      The only difference I can see is that PS and Ai are running in 64bit and Id CS6 is not 64bit supported (I think?)