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    How to stop Organiser from synching my EINIRE catalog to Revel.


      I am using PE 13 Trial Version.  I have a 2009 iMac running Mavericks 10.9.5.  Yesterday I shared a test video to Revel.  Last night I checked out Organiser a bit more and had horrendous problems.  After I tried to get Organiser to access the Revel test album with the test video in it, Organiser crashed.  It was taking an inorginate amount of time to access a small test video.  I stopped the program.  Organiser then crashed on launch every time.  I had to use the tips in this article Elements Organizer crashes at launch  to get it back.  The only way to initially get it to work was to create a new catalogue.  I then repaired the original catalogue, but that failed.  I then changed the default settings and cleared online services.  The original catalogue then worked.  I tried to access the test video on Revel again.  This time I didn't stop the process, but left it to run.  It eventually worked and Organiser doesn't crash anymore.


      I was shocked today to receive an email saying that I had exceeded my 2Gb quota.  The test video was only 86.9Mb.  On checking Revel on the web for the first time, I had only checked the shared link for the test album, I found that everything from my catalogue was in the process of being uploaded to Revel!


      I didn't want this.  When I first signed in to Revel in Organiser I got a pop up with "1, 2, 3" as the headline saying it was a 3 stage process to get started.  There were 3 pages to this window as I recall, and I don't remember saying anything about synching everything to Revel.  Now if I sign out and sign in again I get this window, and it disappears after I sign in.


      I have unchecked the box in Online Accounts in Preferences "Automatically access all my catalog media in online account.", which as I look now is now ticked!  I stopped the agent on the page, and got out of it.  I signed out and back in again.  Checking the preference page again, this checkbox is now ticked and the agent is running again.  The switch box for the agent is again "on".


      This is a nightmare.  If I delete everything from the test album apart from the test video, how do I know everything in my catalog will not be deleted?  If the catalogue media is deleted, is there any guarantee that the underlying files won't be trashed?  Feeling rather scared right now.


      I have to say that PE 13 is quite impressive and a good editor, but I was very disappounted to find Firewire capture was ditched in 13.  On the forums there was a program called Lifeflix that was mentioned the can do this, but it is not shareware, so I can't try it to check if the quality is the same as my old PC using Pinnacle Studio 9, which is better than anything I can get on the mac, even an old iMovie HD 6 copy I was able to download, that is an awful lot better than the dreadful iMovie.


      I also am unimpressed by the help system or lack of.  Yes Adobe has a lot of help available, but it is on the Web!  When you go to the help menu and click on PE 13 Help you go to the Website!  This I expect for free programs but not for paid for programs.


      I am it two minds as to buy PE 13 given it doesn't do Firewire capture.  I don't intend to use that camcorder anymore, but I thought that PE 13 would do everything, and set me up for the future.  I did find a link to a trial version of PE 12, that I haven't installed yet.  I don't know if it will work with my PE13 trial, or if I can get it to work at all.  Does PE 12 work with Mavericks and Yosemite?  And is it really worth wile buying it?  I don't have answers to these questions.  I am going to duel boot with linux to run kdenlive that can do Firewire capture, to test quality.  I am impressed with PE 13's clip rotation feature, that was one plus point, much better than kdenlive.  Another plus point to PE 13 is that it will split scenes in a movie, again like Kdenlive.


      I am leaning towards capturing on the PC and taking the captured video over to the mac and either editing with PE 13 or kdenlive in a VM.  Not sure if PE 13 is worth it given all this, and I don't know if I will be doing enough video with my new camera to warrant Blu-ray disk creation.  If PE 13 did Firewire capture I think I would have said yes and bought it.


      Sorry for the long post, but I really do want the Revel problem sorted out, and I needed to get everything else off my chest.