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    Text jumping to the top left corner - Help please!


      So I came across this annoying error and am completely stuck on it.


      I've carefully recreated the Red Giant's Polygons to Text tutorial (using Particular Trapcon Mir) on my machine and am getting a very weird results. The polygon text jumps around from the center to the top left corner of the screen during both preview and rendering. The first time around I thought I did something wrong, so last night I recreated the whole composition from scratch again and got the same annoying error. I looked at the position coordinates for every elemnt and they stay solid while the text jumps. This happens at different frame numbers, meaning it's not consistent to just one particular time frame. As this wasn't enough, I rendered the composition twice from inside AF and then with Media Encoder (to avi and mp4 respectively), getting completely different results each time. So at this point and I am stuck and clueless as to what is going on. It's clearly not something I've done incorrectly in the composition, and it's not my hardware either (custom built PC running silky smooth for over a year now). What the hell?! Can anyone help please???