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    Does Photoshop Touch work on IOS9?

    jpk129 Level 1

      I have been using Photoshop Touch for a lot of my work. I would hate to lose it. If I download the newest OS, iOS9, will I still be able to use Photoshop touch.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Wish I could answer this but I use Android.

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            Yo..... I don't usually do this (reply on these forums) but I happen to feel ya' regarding this specific topic. So... I was ready to either switch back, learn Xcode, briefly thought about "what if I could make an exact copy" if ps touch the great.e.s..... We will leave it at that and get to the point... 1.4.1 and you're outta luck but.........


            drum roll.....

            1.7.1 does indeed work my fellow eyes of the world, yes, it does.


            just a sec to thank the art masters from back in the day, the ones who made the program, and to let folks know that it is safe to update!

            we know Adobe is good but there is one app... Seemingly coming from heaven and they who made it from a dream are my favorite for that... I saw some discussions... Complaining about iOS this and iOS that... Who made the best app ever? I know what's up!


            thanks adobe

            pls continue looking after that one and thanks again!