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    Lightroom 6 (non CC) will not open


      After working for several weeks Lightroom 6 (non cloud version) will not open. All I repeatedly get is "Lightroom unexpectedly quit" box with pages of technical stuff that I would paste here but the box will not let me copy and paste it (thats extremely well designed). I have reset all preferences, been to the wholly useless "Adobe Customer Care", used Disk utilities and Disc Warrior to do all file repairs etc all to no avail. I am on a recent Macbook Pro Retina using system 10.10.5.

      All help will be appreciated.

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi FrustratedByAdobe,


          Would you please give Read and Write permission to the following location:


          1. Adobe folder under User Library :


          • Go to your Finder> click on Go > Click on Go to folder > type ~library> Click on Application Support>Select Adobe folder
          • Ctrl click on it and select get info.
          • Go to Sharing and permission
          • Click on the lock and add Administrator and your Id with full read and write permission
          • And then click the gear sign to apply changes to all items inside it.

          Mac OS X Permissions and Privileges




          2. Adobe folder under System Library:


          • Go to your Finder> Click on Go> Click on Go to folder> type /library.
          • Follow the same steps as mentioned above


          3. Adobe Lightroom


          • Give permission to Lightroom application itself under Application folder by following the steps mentioned at point 1.


          Then try launching Lightroom.


          Please let us know if it helps.



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            FrustratedByAdobe Level 1

            Thanks,Before I got your email I went to Adobe and re downloaded Lightroom and reinstalled it. It now seems to be working fairly well. Eric Weinerericweinerphotography.com

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