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    How to correctly export Epub with HTML5 tags.


      I'm working with IDCC15 trying to export to an Epub 3 to import into Inkling (an online textbook company). Their workflow imports Epub, but when it does all of the different headers and objects have been given strange tags. It links to the CSS, but often doesn't work correctly or cleanly, also producing a lot of random divs that don't seem to mean or do anything.


      I've read that through the tagging/structure panel that I can manually set the tags, but this has seen no success whatsoever. Any advice on getting these tags to function properly and how I can clean up the export to speed up the process of building the Inkling format.

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          InDesign has its own DOM and HTML Structure for creating ePubs. You can only slightly modify them. By example. You can tell a "character style" to set "em" in place of a "span". But you can't set the HTML5 tags such as header, article, section, etc. Especially, the random divs you describe will stay as InDesign exports them. No chance to modify this in an important way within InDesign.


          InDesign is not made for ePub templating. This means, if you have to deal with third party solutions like Inkling, you need to create your document structure by hand, via XML workflows, idml, javascript cleanups, ...


          You are in a situation that needs a standard exchange format. Unfortunately the currents state of this is:



          xkcd: Standards