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    The mysterious not functioning com-object

    AdobeScripting Level 1

      Hello Guys,

      we lately have a problem with indesign. We are scripting via c# (yeah we know it's advised to use another language) and sometimes it seems like the com-object gets locked or something when our script is closing indesign (Application.quit(idSaveOptions.idNo)). So basically sometimes after closing indesign there is no possibility to create another indesign com-object. Another mystery of this behaviour is that it only happens on some of our pc's, so most of them have no problem until it occurs the first time and from that point on it's repeating on this machine. If this happens the only solution to get it working again (for the moment) is a full restart of the pc and to stop it from occuring repeatedly we have to format the pc and set it up from the scratch again. All our attempts to solve this mystery (or at least avoid it) failed until now.


      Has somebody an idea why exactly this is happening and/or how to avoid it (other than "don't use c#")?