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    Font Quality Loss - Exporting to PDF


      Sorry for any redundancy but I searched the fora high and low for a solution but have come up empty-handed....


      My problem is that I'm losing FONT QUALITY when exporting a document from InDesign to PDF. For quick comprehension I'm inserting first a screenshot of a piece of my ID file before exporting, then a crop of the same bit of PDF after exporting. What is the deal with the loss of font crispness? Please help? I'm been trying to get my portfolio out. Time is of the essence, and a designer can't exactly have unseemly blurry fonts. ;P


      (Btw, based on suggestions from other users for the seemingly same problem, I've confirmed 100% embedded fonts, high resolution/print quality, and even tried toggling off the Character option "Ligatures." Other ideas? I really appreciate it.)

      Here is the InDesign document BEFORE exporting to PDF:







      And the PDF document AFTER exporting:




      Many thanks.