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    Some Keywords Lost after Lightroom CC 2015 reload

    Bull Rhino Level 1

      I was forced to do a reformat and reload of Windows 7 on my PC which I just did two days ago.  My photos are on a separate drive so that drive was not reformatted.  I also saved all the Lightroom files from my main drive.  After reloading Lightroom and Photoshop and copying my Lightroom files back to their default location and "finding" my photos again it appears that almost all of my photos have the keywords that I gave them over the years but some of the photos, especially some done in the past couple weeks do not have the keywords that they were given before the reload.  The frustrating thing is that some that I did at the same time as others have them and some don't for example I have a directory of photos all from the same shoot and I might have given 70 of those photos the same keyword and now 8 or 10 of them still have the keyword but the rest do not.  Also I added a new keyword about three or four weeks ago that I used for about 8 or 10 photos and that keyword does not even appear in the keyword list after the reload.


      Is there a way to recover those keywords back on to those photos.  The reason I can't do it manually is that I'm not 100% sure which ones had the keywords, that's why I put them there in the first place so that I could do a search and find the right photos.


      Thanks for any help on this. I look forward to getting a solution to this problem.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          You have the symptoms of re-importing the photos into Lightroom. If that's what you did, then that is the problem. You need to find the catalog file and double-click on it to open it.


          If that's not what you did, then it would help if you described the exact steps you went through, using the exact Lightroom names of the functions or menu commands, instead of using words like "reload".

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            Bull Rhino Level 1

            Good news, for me at least.  I got it solved.  Somehow I had saved two versions of the LR Catalog and I loaded the older one back in.  I wasn't aware that I had two versions so I didn't know to look for the newer versus the older version.  Thanks to dj_paige for giving it a shot.  He got me looking at it again and so ultimately deserves some credit.