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    Bespoke fields in agreement in iframe/javascript snippet

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      I did manage to create transientDocuments, agreements, widgets, etc. using EchoSign REST API v4.


      So, bespoked fields such as text and signatures fields can be bespoked (layout, color, border, etc.) and added to the document when an agreement is created (https://api.echosign.com:443/api/rest/v4/agreements) and then the agreement is sent to the recipients. OK


      "formFields": [


              "alignment": "",

              "borderStyle": "",

              "fontColor": "",

              "fontName": "",

              "borderColor": "",

              "displayLabel": "",

              "radioCheckType": "",



      But due to client requirements I am not able to send emails to the recipients, thus I did create a Widget (https://api.echosign.com:443/api/rest/v4/widgets) so users have to sign the document through my website via the iframe / Javascript snippet returned by "create Widget" response:


      { "javascript": "",

        "widgetId": "",

        "url": ""



      and this is my "issue": I cannot bespoked the documents with signatures with colours / borders / layout / etc... when I create a Widget...


      I wonder if it is possible to force users to sign a bespoked document without sending them a link, can anyone please help me with this? Any comment, suggestion or idea will be really appreciated.