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    lightroom 6 does not recognize Nikon D700 when accessing Tethered connect.  USB 2 mini, Windows 10, used.  USB,  Cable, and LightRoom 6 will download stored photos from camera.  So only problem is it will not detect camera in Tethered mode. Have turned ca


      My Lightroom 6 will not recognize that my Nikon D700 is connected under Tethered connections.  My system is Windows 10.  The tether tools cable, USB 2 Mini connection, cable, and Lightroom qorks to download previously saved photos in my Compact Flash in my camera to Lightroom.  I have turned, camera, lightroom, laptop on and off, as well as removed my Compact Flash memory card.  Still the Lightroom 6 does not recognize my camera is tethered. I've also used different lengths od USB 2 Mini connectors.  Can anyone help?  Could it be an incompatibility between Windows  10 and Lightroom 6 for the tethered capture option?