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    Publish running very slow based on size?

      Has anyone seen where the robohelp publisher runs very slow if its a large project? I have two current projects. One is pretty small to medium in size and during a publish runs at 125mb/sec accross the network. My other project which is very large publishes around 15mb/sec accross the network.

      Is there a known issue with large projects taking longer and is there any work arounds like using ftp or setting different options in robohelp to speed up the publishing?

      I use webhelp Pro V5, for both projects. I have checked during both seperate publishes to ensure the cpu and network connections were not maxed and they are barely phased.

      Any suggestions or help is welcome.
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          Roger N Level 2
          Matt -

          I have seen this, and it is frustrating.

          From what I gather, the Publishing Wizard keeps track of the files published, along with a checksum and date for each file. Subsequent uploads will compare all of the files, and then only upload those files that have changed. The more files, the longer the list it becomes, and the longer it takes to check each file.

          This makes for a very slow publishing process the first time, but subsequent updates should move more quickly.

          You do have other publishing options, ftp'ing, or using the FrontPage upload - but these are transfer protocols designed for uploading to a web server. Since you are on a network, you could just copy the output to the network drive.