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    How can I?

    hurricane veteran
      I am creating demos of how to use a payroll system. Some scenarios entail typing an employee's SSN, pressing ENTER, and then tabbing to a field at the bottom of the screen to set an indicator. The demo could be 4-5 frames, but ends up with 50 or more. How can I keep Captivate from taking a screen shot when I press the Tab key? Other keys, such as F1 and F2, won't take a screen shot when pressed.
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello hurricane veteran,

          Have you tried disabling the auto record feature in the Recording Options dialog box. In Adobe Captivate 2 you can access this by choosing -

          Options - Recording Options...

          However bear in mind that in order to capture any screens you will then have to press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.