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    Fit audio to my slideshow or video in Elements 11 Premiere


      Hi again. I suddenly cannot remember how to fit audio music to synchronize with the slides in my slideshow in Elements 11 Premiere. The slides change at a rate of speed to coincide with the song or songs I've added to the slideshow. It makes it so that there is music during the entire slideshow with no gaps of silence.  I have done it a few times before, I think by clicking something like "Fit audio to slideshow" but now I can't find it. Anyone know how to do this or another way to make the music fit my slides perfectly? Thanks in advance for any help, Donna.

      P.S. In looking into this further, the button is available when it is a new slideshow I am making but I want to do it editing a slideshow I already have. It does not have the button on an existing slideshow.

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          Are you in the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor or in the Premiere Elements 11 Editor creating and exporting it there?


          If Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow

          You need to have the project opened in the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor to get at the "Fit Slides To Audio" button above the Filmstrip.

          This is the case whether you are double clicking an existing slideshow thumbnail in the Elements Organizer workspace to open it in the Slideshow Editor

          or you are opening a new slideshow in the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor.


          In the Premiere Elements Editor, this is an older technique where you place unnumbered markers in the audio and then go thru Create Slideshow process from the program media area. This Create Slideshow option will place the selected photos at the positions of the unnumbered markers.


          Does any of the above apply to your situation.